Bel Eve

Bel Eve is an Albanian registered brand dedicated to children and adults. The special style of handicrafts makes it authentic in the market. In fact, Bel Eve was born from Suela’s house which produced them at home and distributed her work every afternoon to her customers. Since the brand was created, the vision was to become an international brand to conquer the world. Bel Eve has been a well-thought-out name for a long time, and it has two meanings: the first one is related to my twins Anabel and Evelin, where the names are abbreviated, and the second meaning is Believe because I believe this brand will soon be an international brand.


Over time i began to create new products, new services, and so more satisfied customers. Bel Eve already has a dedicated staff who works with love to bring the newest collections to market.

These products are special because we work diligently and with much love. That’s why our slogan is: double love, double happiness. Our mission is: to make happy families, because when children are happy on their special days, so the whole house is. Bel Eve already counts several parades inside and outside the country. In Albania, it is the most annual talked parade in the country because of topics, values we want to share, and all the love we want to convey to children. Bel Eve is dedicated to family, children, parents, and grandparents. Family is the basis of every success, and if the family is strong, the whole society is healthy. Therefore in all shows of Bel Eve, we want also to share important messages about loving children with different abilities, grandparents, parents, orphanage children, etc.
Bel Eve – double love, double happiness [/ip-right]

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